The Beat Boxed: La Roux

An 80’s-inspired revivalist act, a trendsetter fighting against the trends, the anti-pop star pop star, whatever has been said about La Roux, the uniqueness of their futuristic sounds and Elly Jackson’s empowering lyrics is undeniable. The synth-laden pop has taken over charts in the UK and the US and continues to have an effect on everyone who listens. This appetite for synth pop keeps getting bigger and bigger, taking the once underground act the mainstream way. Although this was not the intention of La Roux (it was actually something they were against) but as it’s happening they are embracing it. Elly is easily recognizable with her signature wild red hair and her distinctive androgynous style and has become the photographer’s easy target. Their new album Sidetracked is now out, which is a snapshot of their biggest musical influences, but features only one of their new songs.

I love this video of “I’m Not Your Toy” for its pure quirkiness. We’ve got the tribal fashion and vibe, mixed with the futuristic personas and glowing sticks. The crazy characters dance weirdly around the pool in a steamy greenhouse and lounge around in retro wicker chairs…

Take a peek into the Le Roux-esque bedroom. The eclectic style is 80’s inspired, but definitely goes above and beyond. Much like the video it’s filled with weird juxtapositions that oddly work together to create something funky and offbeat. The music and style of La Roux exudes characteristics that are definitely not mainstream, but are keen to a style that will attract you and dominate your senses. The retro 70’s regency bed frame and 50’s art unite with the 80’s bedding fabric. These styles unpredictably combine with the modern rug, chair, and side table to just fascinate you. The room just wouldn’t be the same without the Plexiglas fish tank!

1. Wholearth Wall Decal 2. Panoply of Rayguns 3. Arden Quin “Oedipe” 4. Pressed Glass Light Bead by Tom Dixon 5. Palm Beach Antique Regency Headboard 6. Vintage Fabric for Bedspread 7. Feather Kuma Pillow 8. Plexiglas Fish Tank 9. Bend Table by Established and Sons 10. Crash Chair 11. Wood Rug by Established and Sons

Photos: Michel Bousquet

These interior shots from Casa D magazine conceptually remind me of La Roux. These pink walls cannot be forgotten and will get everyone’s attention much like Elly Jackson, the “red-haired one.” The room is a blast of style, but is not about creating the standard space just as all others do. It can still remain androgynous in style and form. The bed sits behind closed doors just like Ben Langmaid does…pure genius, but not too eager to be exposed. When you close off these doors the space appears to be solo, but little do you know what a masterpiece is hiding behind them.

Hope you enjoy the music. You can download an awesome mixtape here. Ready. Set. Go.