The Beat Boxed: Robyn

I searched through my entire iTunes library for the most played track of 2010 and I discovered it was Robyn‘s “Hang With Me” from Body Talk Pt. 2. So you know I figured I had to do a Beat Boxed post about it because obviously I love it. She’s taking me on many bike rides, rollerblading adventures on the beach, hikes, road trips, commutes, has prepared me for many nights out, helped me see relationships clearly, all while being the most popstradamus pop star of them all. There’s something about her lyrics that although catchy but not a bit kitschy, have the depth that can pull up more emotion in a 4-minute bit than 3-hour chat with your girlfriend. Not to get too deep on you but she has this ability to bring out this strength and pure bliss in you as well. So with this being said check out the video for “Hang With Me” — my most played song of 2010:

Now as I translate Robyn’s music into an interior there are a couple things that pop into my head. One is a kick-ass boxing studio and the other is just a kick-ass dance studio. Not because I think she’s a fighter — I know she’s a lover — but because she is filled with just so much energy. My new obsession for the year is boxing…not sure if it was The Fighter or the old school boxer at my gym that wants to give me lessons, but this year I AM going to take a boxing lesson or two with some Robyn music blasting in my ears. So here it goes…ride your bike on up to the kick-ass Swedish-esque boxing studio, and get your power on in style, so you can go out and get your dance on!

1. Knitted Room V Wallpaper 2. Furore Lamp 3. Champ Sofa 4. Diamond Boxing Gloves 5. Warmi Sweater Dress 6. Clarity Multicolor Table 7. Takeya Modern Glass Water Bottle 8. Sson Bike 028 9. Tom Dixon Slab Chair

Happy New Year to you all! Looking forward to the amazing artist of 2011! I’d highly recommend going to get Robyn’s latest album Body Talk Pt. 3…NOW.