The Brighter Floor Lamp Brings the Sun Inside

Did you ever own one of those halogen torchiere lamps? You may recall the intensely bright, affordably priced, and dangerously hot lighting rods, which were eventually banned due to their propensity to tip over and start fires? Brighter proposes a safer, far more luminous, sunlight-simulating successor to those once ubiquitous floor lamps. It boasts a super-bright light source capable of washing a room in 50,000 lumens, some 50x brighter than a standard lightbulb, that won’t have you calling the fire department.

Full front view of Brighter floor lamp with its circular LED array glowing upward in a dark room.

You may ask why anyone would want a lamp capable of illuminating a room like that of a football stadium. But for sufferers of seasonal affective disorder, or S.A.D., lamps designed to wash the eyes and body with bright light are essential for convincing the brain to resist a depressive state.

LED lamps designed to assist with this condition like SKYVIEW have improved features and design options, but their glow stays well within the lower end of four figure luminosity. Brighter lives up to its name, engineered with an array of photography grade LEDs matching sunlight’s CRI, or Color Rendering Index. A high CRI means objects and colors look their best, like when viewed in sunlight compared to the off-putting effect on color some low quality LEDs and fluorescent bulbs can impart on objects or people.

Render of a home office with green walls, houseplants, standing desk and computer with Brighter floor lamp to the right.

To give you an idea how bright 50,000 lumens is, take note of this professional grade digital projector that uses a laser 3-chip DLP for large venue screenings. Also, here’s what a 50,000 lumens flashlight looks like when illuminating a pitch black evening.

Render of living room with purple sofa and circular coffee tables, houseplants, standing desk and computer with Brighter floor lamp illuminated in the corner.

Brighter’s industrial design takes a page out from the Dyson Lightcycle playbook, with an industrial-contemporary aesthetic that looks like one circular heat sink. The upward glow means the lamp bathes and bounces light off walls, reducing hot spots and illuminating the entire room. With traditional S.A.D. lamps, you have to stay seated close by for maximum efficacy. Brighter’s intense glow mitigates seasonal affective disorder at a distance and with more placement options.

Animation of the brightness levels of Brighter floor lamp in simulated living room space.

Brighter isn’t going to come cheap, with a MSRP of $1,250 and a discounted early bird reservation price of $750. But for those who have to navigate the doldrums of seasonal affective disorder every winter, the investment might prove to be an extremely bright idea.

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