The Chroma Collection is Captivating and Colorful

Helsinki designer Hanna Anonen is back with more innovative Nordic designs in her new collection: Chroma. This time, though, she’s drawing on French influence from her summer in Cité Residence in Paris. Continuing the captivating use of color she’s known for, these three new pieces—the Plizé Box, the Beebee, and the Bouquet—incorporate shades of purple, green, orange, and blue. With each one, she plays with surface type and bold shapes, both symmetrical and asymmetrical.

the Chroma Collection

Anonen’s Plizé Box stands out with its bold colors, serrated base, and top sphere.

Plizé Box

Chroma Collection

Chroma Collection

The Beebee takes clear influence from classic fabergé eggs, but it puts an innovative, modern twist on the original design. It even opens up with space to put some of your favorite little things.

The Beebee

the Chroma Collection

the Bouquet

The final piece in the Chroma collection, the Bouquet, is an asymmetrical ceiling lamp inspired by a flower bouquet. It combines several colors for an attention-grabbing look.

Photos by Aino Huhtaniemi.

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