The Future of Dining Takes Shape Across Creative Chef’s Morphing Table

05.25.20 | By
The Future of Dining Takes Shape Across Creative Chef’s Morphing Table

If you could completely forgo the necessity for plates, dishes, and bowls (and the accompanying necessity to wash them) while eating, would you abandon the traditional accessories of dining? The Morphing Table by Creative Chef created in collaboration with BASF’s performance materials division, Designfabrik, imagines such a future where the table itself becomes an adaptive accessory in service of the art of plating.

Currently in early concept mode, the Morphing Table is an experimental project utilizing technology to convert the traditionally static surface of a table into an adaptive participant in the process and pageantry of the plating of foods and liquids. Sections of the Morphing Table concave reactively to become “plates” and “bowls”, and can as easily transform back into a flat surface for cleaning.

Creative Chef founder Jasper Udink ten Cate’s motivations for designing the Morphing Table revolves around “designing high end food experiences and concepts [that] turn the act of eating and hospitality into design and art.” And indeed, such a surface would likely be first attempted within the upper echelon of fine dining, where the act of plating merges service and performance into theater.

For additional information, check out Creative Chef Studio.

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