The GUNA Outdoor Collection Looks to Multiethnic Inspiration for Its Style

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The GUNA Outdoor Collection Looks to Multiethnic Inspiration for Its Style

Rugs, charpoys, cushions and coffee tables with multiethnic inspiration make up designer Chiara Andreatti’s Guna outdoor collection for Gervasoni. “Guna” is a Sanskrit term meaning “energy that envelops all things”, from the Indo-European root “gere” to denote a single string used to make a woven rope. The name is the essence of the furniture collection, connections made between materials and techniques as well as cultures and relationships.

seating area

The piece that binds it all together is the Guna rug. It’s made through an innovative process that begins with a concept of warp and weft before being translated to latest-generation knitting looms. Two contrasting colors of ultra thin polypropylene yarn give each rug durability.


A charpoy is a low and spacious traditional Indian bed. Guna’s charpoy uses hemp and cocoa color nautical codes that are handwoven onto a treated wooden structure. Flared legs, beautiful seating and decorative cushions covered in knit-stitch recycled polyester fabrics invite you to settle in for a while. The charpoy comes in two sizes and can be used together or even stacked.





Low side tables complete the collection, each featuring a sculptural “c” or star-shaped refractory ceramic base. Each table has a treated wooden squared top and is available in several colors.

The Guna collection gives you the perfect area to sit, read, eat or lie down. Get ready to enjoy your free time even more.


The GUNA Collection will be available in September 2021. To learn more, visit

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