The Honest Kitchen

I don’t know about you but I sometimes fall for a company just because of their logo or packaging. I’m very sensitive to design because I feel like if a company puts that much consideration into their design often times the product quality follows suit. This is true in the case of The Honest Kitchen.

Unfortunately, Lulu and Beans are on a prescription diet so they couldn’t test out this food, but I have heard from a number of other pet owners how great their food is, especially for pets with allergies. The Honest Kitchen pet foods are dehydrated, which gently removes moisture from whole foods, keeping the raw foods intact and removes the need for preservatives.

Aside from fruits and vegetables, The Honest Kitchen ingredients include hormone & antibiotic free meats (like free-range chicken), wild-caught fish (like like-caught haddock), organic grains, non-GMO produce, and source organic and free-trade wherever possible.

The Honest Kitchen is also the only human-grade pet food company in the US. Human-grade means that the food ingredients are sourced from the human food chain, and made in an FDA approved and inspected facility. They believe pets should eat the quality foods that we eat (assuming you eat healthfully!). Their ingredients are tested by both humans and dog members of the company.

Beyond being food conscious, the company is eco-conscious, too — using recyclable bags, recyclable/biodegradable boxes printed with soy-based inks.

The Honest Kitchen owner Lucy and Charlie Postins, with dogs

Samples and starter boxes are available at, which is a great way to see if your dog will like The Honest Kitchen before ordering full-size boxes.

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