The IKEA UTSÅDD Collection Makes a Pet House Home

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The IKEA UTSÅDD Collection Makes a Pet House Home

IKEA is already the place many of us instinctually turn to when in search of modern and affordable everyday solutions for the home, not to mention an occasional soft serve ice cream enjoyed prior to furniture assembly. With the launch of their new 29-piece UTSÅDD line of pet beds, blankets, food bowls, toys, tools, and decor, the home design giant is looking to become a similar “be-all, end-all” spot for pet owners who want to make their house a welcome home, in style, for their 4-legged family members.

A cat resting inside a circular cutout in a white shelf from the IKEA UTSÅDD pet collection, surrounded by books and decorative items, against a blue wall.

UTSÅDD includes an updated version of the LURVIG cat house that slides perfectly into one of the KALLAX shelving unit squares.

Friendly and fun, the Scandinavian-inspired range of pet products are unsurprisingly designed to appeal not only to the their intended users, but also live naturally alongside their human counterparts’s IKEA furnishings.

A cat scratching an IKEA UTSÅDD vertical scratching post set against striped sofa.

We’re especially impressed by the arched scratching post designed to cozy up right alongside seating while redirecting sharp claws away from sofa upholstery. IKEA’s design takes up a fraction of the space a traditional scratching post might and looks significantly easier on the eyes.

A cat resting inside a cozy, tent-shaped pet house from the IKEA UTSÅDD pet collection beside a sofa.

Pet accessories can often veer too far into the realm of antagonizingly cute. Fortunately, the UTSÅDD collection’s cat tent and elevated rattan-made house are cute without being cloy, giving felines a safe and comfortable place to rest without introducing the unsightly clutter traditional pet furniture often brings.

A cat resting inside an IKEA UTSÅDD wicker pet house beside a modern bed

A dog resting comfortably in an IKEA UTSÅDD pet collection large cushioned bed in a cozy home setting.

Pet beds range in size to give the smallest kitten up to the largest pup a soft and warm place to snooze.

A brown and white dog holding a yellow plush bone toy from the IKEA UTSÅDD pet collection in its mouth.

IKEA says they took two years to develop UTSÅDD, using input from veterinarians, pet product experts, and of course a panel of canine and feline friends while creating this range of pet accessories aimed to please pets while residing harmoniously within their greater household.

“Our goal was to develop a collection of products that our cats and dogs love, and that their human parents can feel good about and truly enjoy having as part of their home,” says Julia Rosenberg, Product Design Developer at IKEA of Sweden AB.

The span of development time wasn’t just dedicated to the design, but also focused upon safety. “We formulated protocols and risk assessments based on our research, evaluations of previous pet collections, and input from our partner veterinarians and pet product experts,” notes Rosenberg, “Our protocols include periodic chemical, mechanical, and physical safety tests on all UTSÅDD products.” Thus chew toys are made from natural rubber and fabric, with other items rated as machine washable or dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.

Golden retriever eating from an IKEA UTSÅDD pet collection bowl in a sunny room.

UTSÅDD food bowls are ceramic and intentionally heavy to prevent enthusiastic eaters from pushing bowls far from their intended dining area.

Only time will tell if the line of pet products becomes as ubiquitous in sight and name as BILLY, BESTA, and KALLAX are amongst the 2-legged set. The UTSÅDD collection will be available at US IKEA stores and online starting April 2024.

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