The km5 CP1 Invites a Nostalgic Return to Displaying Album Art

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The km5 CP1 Invites a Nostalgic Return to Displaying Album Art

One of the design objects I most regret giving away years ago was the original MUJI CD Player designed by Naoto Fukasawa. Its sparse simplicity in form and function (tug the wall-mounted power cord to play/stop) still resonates as the epitome of minimalism done thoughtfully right. Sure, the sound was tinny and more suited for creating aural ambiance rather than an immersive experience, but Fukasawa’s design has only earned more appreciation with time (the heart does grow fonder with absence).

One could make the argument its progeny is the similarly simple, yet intriguing km-5 Instant Disk Audio-CP1.

Two CP1 players shown, one with a compact disc, the other with cover art inserted.

Even though the CP1 CD player shares a similar shape, size, and offers the option to be wall mounted likes its predecessor, unlike the bare bones MUJI CD player and its mono speaker, the CP1 is equipped with Bluetooth 5.0 and is meant to be paired with wireless headphones or connected to larger wireless speakers for a more sonically fulfilling experience.

CP1 in living space setting, wall mounted above wood console with framed black and white photo to the right and small stack of books, clear bowl and small table lamp below.

Angled overhead shot of CP1 CD player against dark black background.

CP1 CD player with CD inserted placed near Apple Airpods, Apple Pencil and keyboard.

In this sense km-5’s CD player is more like a Sony Discman of yore: a portable player equipped with a lithium-ion battery (powered by USB-C) intended to bring music wherever desired.

CP1 CD player on wood surface near instant film camera, black watch and other small tabletop items blurred in the background.

A multitude of white CP1 CD players shown in various positions, some opened, some closed, others with CDs in them and yet more with cover art inserted.

An optional wall mount (which in our opinion should be included with the $149 player rather than require an additional cost of $8+) invites one additional feature that does align with the aforementioned MUJI’s artful display. The CP1’s dimensions are intentionally made to frame CD cover booklets within the visual context of instant film dimensions, allowing the listener to proudly display their CD album art like miniature art pieces.

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