The Latest From BuzziSpace

Belgian brand BuzziSpace is best known for helping reduce the noise in office spaces while adding lots of style. They continue to roll out new designs, some created in-house and others through collaborations with other designers, that are bound to get people talking. Take a look.

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The Latest From BuzziSpace

BuzziBalance, from 13&9’s Martin Lesjak and Anastasia Su, not only reduces noise through its upholstery, but it inspires individuals to move and stay energized throughout the workday.




The BuzziBalance Board is the standup version of the one above. The purpose is to become reenergized by standing and rocking on it for a few minutes.


There’s 13&9’s Martin Lesjak and Anastasia Su testing out their new designs during NeoCon this year!


The BuzziSpace Studio designed the BuzziMoon pendant lamp that cascades a warm light via its LED disc. An acoustical ring surrounds the light as decoration while also being functional. The light can be finished in various fabrics and patterns to match your space.



Designed by Chris Hardy, the BuzziBell lights are a bold bell shape constructed out of their sustainable BuzziFelt material. The felt is stretched to create the gentle curves and then finished with contrasting metal hardware. It’s available in 12 colors and is CE and UL listed.




BuzziPicNic Round is a communal table designed by Alain Gilles to be a collaborative workstation. Breaking from the traditional rectangular conference table, Gilles went round believing that it offered better interactions between two and four people.


BuzziBlinds, by Alain Gilles, provide acoustic solutions, privacy, and an architectural element to any space they’re used in. The rotating blinds, that come in four new shapes, help define spaces by offering a division in open plan spaces. The freestanding dividers feature five rotating blinds that can be opened or closed to create privacy or to open a space back up. BuzziBlinds come in two heights, four shapes, and 12 colors.





The BuzziTotem is a freestanding column that can be moved around when you need help with sound absorption. It comes in three shapes – Wedge, Cylinder, and Beam – that rest on a black metal base for stability, and are available in three sizes.


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