The LG StanbyME TV Soundbar Doubles up as Portable 16-Hour Bluetooth Speaker

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The LG StanbyME TV Soundbar Doubles up as Portable 16-Hour Bluetooth Speaker

LG is very much aware there is a generational change happening underfoot in the viewing habits of younger consumers correlated to the spaces they call home. Contemporary display and television design, like the StanbyME 27″ Rollable Smart Touch Screen, emphasizes portability and versatility while packaged into compact footprints that allow for placement in areas where traditional units couldn’t conceivably fit. Just as the StandbyME screen has the visuals covered, LG is now adding an additional layer to the system in the form of the pill-shaped StanbyME Speaker.

An artistic composition featuring an LG StanbyME Speaker and Rollable Display displaying a futuristic cityscape with elements of nature and technology against a red background with sound wave graphics emanating from the speaker.

The Bluetooth enabled speaker aesthetically and functionally complements its screen counterpart or can be used on-the-go as a standalone device. For the purpose of the former, LG includes a dedicated cradle to attach the speaker underneath the screen. When connected, the speaker operates in coordination with the display’s built-in audio, boosting output for a fuller and more present soundstage. It should also significantly improve the sound of dialogue thanks to its 20mm dual tweeters, an Achille’s heel with small speakers integrated into any size screen. A dual passive radiator adds a much necessary bump in the trunk – don’t expect to feel the bass like a dedicated subwoofer, but it will be a significant improvement on the low end.

LG StanbyME Speaker and Rollable Display with various entertainment app icons on the screen, accompanied by a voice remote control, located in a modern living room.

LG  says their Alpha7 Gen 6 AI processor inside further optimizes sound, tweaking output according to content type.

LG StanbyME Speaker and Rollable Display against light blue background

The StanbyME’s form is simple and modern like the Rollable Smart Touch Screen it’s designed to aid, with a bit of flair being the ‘edge lighting’ feature that casts subtle effects to set the mood when playing music or while gaming, if that’s your sort of thing. LG includes an option accessible via app to turn this feature off.

An artist painting on a canvas in a bright, home studio, accompanied by music from an LG StanbyME Speaker and Rollable Display

The LG StanbyME Speaker is designed to be used both indoor and outdoor, attached to a television or detached as a portable Bluetooth audio speaker.

As a separate portable Bluetooth speaker, the LG StanbyME Speaker is rated, meaning it can handle a spray of water for up to 10 – 15 minutes from a distance of three meters. So not fully waterproof, but definitely a speaker you could consider equipped for outdoor use including the beach, camping, or poolside.

Woman in sunglasses and large cable knit sweater relaxing by the lake with mountains in the background and an LG StanbyME Speaker nearby on outdoor table

The LG StanbyME Speaker specs land in the compact and lightweight categories, measuring 78mm tall, 326mm wide, 87mm thick, and weighing just 0.9kg, making it easy to travel with. An internal rechargeable battery is good for up to 16 hours of playback.

At $200, the LG StanbyME Speaker offers an interesting proposition, operating both as an integrated design TV soundbar and also a capable, portable Bluetooth speaker. Even the Sonos Roam and Move aren’t capable of that audio equivalent of dual citizenship. Keep in mind that the speaker works best as a companion piece to maximize the $900 StanbyME Display, arguably a must-buy addition if you want to unlock the full home entertainment potential of a battery powered entertainment display on wheels.

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