The Metamorfosi Capsule Collection by Sara Ricciardi Elevates Floral Design

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The Metamorfosi Capsule Collection by Sara Ricciardi Elevates Floral Design

One glance at Metamorfosi – a capsule collection by Milan-based designer Sara Ricciardi for Visionnaire – and its shapes, colors, and materials are likely to awaken some form of curiosity, first about its form, then its function. First previewed at Milan Design Week, Metamorfosi is an experiment become reality, now available to literally elevate floral arrangements toward the realm of art.

Part of a growing collection of vases, centerpieces, trays, and object caddies, the latest additions to the Visionnaire Accessories Capsule Collection by Ricciardi extends the Made in Italy art-design lexicon with an imaginative palette of ceramic, stone, brass, and Murano glass evocative of monumental architecture expressed in miniature.

Whether intentional or not, Sara Ricciardi’s vases take on the spirit of the ancient Grecian and Brutalist in their extension upwards and outwards in celebration of the floral.

[Metamorfosi] is a collection of vases that plays on the balance between two stages of glass: the one in which it is in its pointed and raw form as an undefined nugget and the one in which, tamed by the fire, it appears slender and soft. The brass acts as a binder that lifts the shapes, creating a dialogue between the two elements. As in the metamorphosis of a chrysalis I wanted to represent a material evolution.

– Sara Ricciardi

The Metamorfosi capsule collection for Visionnaire is available online here.

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