The Monka Apartments Feature Bathrooms in Colored Steel Cubes

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The Monka Apartments Feature Bathrooms in Colored Steel Cubes

Housed in a historic Baroque building in Toruń, Poland, nine individual units comprise the Monka Apartments over three floors. The gothic-inspired building, which is located in an area that’s part of the UNESCO World Heritage List, was formerly a granary before architect Paweł Tatara and architectural practice Znamy się came on board to renovate it.

The rental units on the second and third floors span two-stories with mezzanines, while the fourth floor has one-story apartments with tall ceilings that benefit from skylights. Each apartment has a different look, and most importantly, a bold color used for the bathrooms which are housed within steel cubes. Geometric glass panels in colors that match the steel were incorporated to let natural light into the bathrooms.

Original wooden beams keep the apartments from feeling too modern while adding character and texture.

Fabric plant holders hang from the beams to bring natural elements into each space.

For the two-story apartments, the bedrooms are located on the mezzanine levels offering a bit of privacy without closing them off into rooms.

Photos by Znamy się.

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