The Multifunctional, Modular Truss Furniture Collection

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The Multifunctional, Modular Truss Furniture Collection

Using recycled aluminum and marine-grade Douglas Fir plywood and inspiration from an architectural truss system, Emeco introduces the aptly named Truss collection. What appears to be simple and effortless actually involved a lot of research by designers Erwan and Ronan Bouroullec to stay true to Emeco’s aesthetic. The collection of tables, sofas, and benches are timeless, utilitarian furniture pieces that “sit lightly on the planet” while remaining unique.

“It takes a lot of work to make something simple. You must truly understand all the elements and the challenges of the materials to come up with an elegant solution. With “Truss,” the Bouroullec brothers have created a collection with the purest of geometric forms that will always be useful, appealing and relevant,” said Gregg Buchbinder, Emeco CEO.

metal and wood table being used as desk with chair and laptop

This modular system of furniture kept only the essential elements to create an elegant, flexible solution for any setting – home, café, or office –  to be used inside or out. Truss uses an aluminum frame with a traditional truss system and side panels in Douglas Fir plywood, so it’s been engineered to handle extreme loads. The multifunctional tables, benches, and sofas come in three sizes – Small, Medium, and Large – that can be joined together as a continuous piece or configured as needed. A low coffee table completes the family.

“Simplicity is a long process. Truss was to be naked and it took a while to strip it down to the best minimum. What is simplicity? It’s a kind of transparency, when the nature of things appears. It is a state where eyes understand everything while people’s behavior is not compromised by a stylish figure. I believe Truss is generous with the openness it provides. It’s made for a group, it’s made for a space, it’s made to be together,” said Erwan Bouroullec.

metal and wood bench and table on concrete floor

Made in Hanover, Pennsylvania, Truss relies on Emeco’s recycled aluminum extrusions with soft corners and finely perforated aluminum panels. The aluminum base and top are offered in the brand’s signature hand-brushed finish as well as four powder coat colors: white, dark grey, orange, and green. It’s marine-grade, typically used for boats and other aquatic applications, making it ideal for outdoor use. Choose from either a natural or dark stain finish. For added comfort and elegance, add upholstered cushions to the sofas and benches. A full range of fabrics and leather in neutrals and brights, including options for outdoor use, are available.

metal and wood bench on concrete floor

metal and wood table being used as desk with chair and laptop

angled metal and wood bench on concrete floor

metal and wood bench on concrete floor

metal and wood bench outdoors on grass

metal and wood table with pretzels and glasses of water

overhead photo of wood and metal table being used as desk with laptop and notebook

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