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We’re big fans of Carli Davidson‘s animal photography here at Dog Milk. You’re probably familiar with her hilarious SHAKE and SHAKE Puppies books, which feature dogs of all shapes and sizes caught mid-shake. (If you haven’t seen either of these, do yourself a favor and order yourself and everyone you know a copy right now!) Whether photographing dogs, cats, or porcupines, her images always capture the subject’s personality and spirit — and will, without fail, put a smile on your face!

Today, we’re excited to get to know the four-legged, bearded wonder who inspires one of our favorite photographers! Read on for the full Scoop!

The Scoop: Carli Davidson and Saul

Name? Saul “Salty” Wiesch-Davidson

Nicknames? Salty Dog, Saulsage, Dirty Old Man, Dingus McGhee, Sergeant Sprinkles.

Age? 9 1/2

Breed? Standard Schnauzer / Pseudo Intellectual mix

The Scoop: Carli Davidson and Saul

What’s “The Scoop”? Saul is a certified foster fail. His elderly owner suffered from progressive dementia and she couldn’t properly care for him. When she went into assisted care her son did the best he could to take care of him but didn’t have the resources. He reached out to numerous rescues but many were deterred by the fact that Saul was already a senior at 7 and some didn’t get back to him at all.

Saul was running out of options and my neighbor, who happened to be a friend of his caretaker, knocked on my door to ask me if I had any ideas. I picked him up a couple days later to foster and do a behavior assessment, and had a rescue that I’ve fostered for in the past, Panda Paws, on board to get him placed once he was all health checked.

The Scoop: Carli Davidson and Saul

I wasn’t looking for another dog, but Saul was a charmer right off the bat. He was very reserved at first like many dogs that have been bounced around but that aside he had a very calm energy. He was intelligent, and tender. He kept up with me when I was active, but was also content to sleep at my feet while I worked because old dogs RULE. He was very apologetic when he peed on my stuff, and made the right choice to NOT eat the cat even though I could tell it was a hard choice for him to make. He bonded with me very quickly and was pretty much velcroed to my side.

Then came his vet appointment. I do a lot of massage on fosters to get them comfortable with touch and had found what I thought was just a fatty mass on his side. We decided to biopsy and it turned out to be cancer. Up to that moment I was considering a few homes I thought might be a great fit for him and encouraging them to fill out apps. The second he was diagnosed I knew I was keeping him. I couldn’t lose him. He had a grade 2 mast cell tumor removed on new year’s day of 2014. He’s now been cancer free for two years.

The Scoop: Carli Davidson and Saul

Favorite Toy? Any stuffed animal. He doesn’t destroy them, he grooms them! He’s such a weirdo. He also uses the stuffed animals as pillows.

Favorite Food? The three Olympia Provisions salamis he got a hold of last year that I thought were going to kill him but in fact only made him kind of puffy for a few days. I have no doubt he would eat them again if given the chance WHICH HE WILL NEVER HAVE.

Favorite place to sleep? That nice Pendleton-covered vintage chair in the living room? That’s his. If you try sitting in it he will do his best to wedge himself behind you and slowly push you out.

The Scoop: Carli Davidson and Saul


Best Trick? He appears to be completely fluent in the english language.

Gear? I would like to thank the Easy Walk harness for healing my tendonitis. Also his Jax & Bones dog bed that lives in my office and the Andis de-shedding brush that is a must have for mixed coat dogs.

The Scoop: Carli Davidson and Saul

If your dog were another animal what animal would that be? Human. He would probably be some kind of officer, maybe mall security since he really loves going shopping (wayyy more than I do). He gets all the attention he’s ever wanted when he’s hamming it up in shops. Saul really prefers human approval to the attention of dogs even though he is very amicable with them.

Hypothetical situation: Saul just started a band and they need a name! What should they call themselves and what style of music do they play? The Bark-Mitzvahs! They play klezmer for sure; Saul is a tiny, tough old jewish mall cop and he loves the groovy dance beats.

The Scoop: Carli Davidson and Saul

Thanks Carli and Saul! Be sure to check out more of Carli’s work at and keep up with the latest on Instagram and Facebook.

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