The Scoop: Eric Sauma and Swatch

Eric Sauma is the manager of Mood Fabrics in New York City and owner of the fabulous and famous Project Runway star, Swatch, the Mood Fabrics shop dog. You may recognize Swatch from his always adorable Project Runway cameos. I know I get a kick out of seeing Swatch lying on the Mood Fabrics floor as the Project Runway contestants are frantically running around him. I couldn’t have been more excited when Eric and Swatch agreed to take some time out of their busy schedules to give us The Scoop!

Name? Swatch Sauma

Nicknames? Fatty

Age? Swatch will be 4 years old in July.

Breed? Boston Terrier

What?s ?The Scoop?? Swatch came to me when I went to the pet store. He basically chose me. And he was on sale. Best sale item ever!

Favorite toy? Swatch likes bones, tennis balls and other things most dogs like, his favorite are water bottles!

Favorite food? Anything eatable!

Favorite place to sleep? On his dog bed, chairs or sofa, if it?s soft and comfortable, he probably will sleep on it.

Weirdest quirk? The weirdest thing about Swatch is his size compared to other terriers. He is larger than most.

Pet peeves? Vacuum cleaners and boxes

Best trick? Posing for pictures. Swatch is a ham!

Gear? Swatch is fortunate enough to have his things custom made for him, most of his things are made by his friends who shop at Mood Fabrics.

If your dog were another animal what animal would that be? Swatch sits like a frog sometimes. So I guess a frog. But he also acts like an indoor cat.

Swatch has been around a lot of Project Runway contestants. Did he happen to have a favorite? He loves them all, but Tim Gunn is his fave.

Editor’s note: Tim Gunn is my favorite too!

Top image via Burda Style; bottom image via Lifetime.