The TROVA GO Personalizes Biometric Security Wherever You Are

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The TROVA GO Personalizes Biometric Security Wherever You Are

A quick glance at the TROVA GO reveals little of its purpose, and that’s ultimately a very good thing considering the biometric-secured case’s ultimate purpose: providing a safe portable place to stash personal items, accessories, or cash from prying eyes and curious hands.

Designed as “a discreet physical storage device”, the TROVA GO is definitely a device of the times in more ways than one. Portable, sleek, and finished in a contemporary palette that would easily blend in amongst a variety of modern lifestyle and tech products, the TROVA GO could be mistaken for an eyeglasses case or portable battery charger. And that makes this security Bluetooth-enabled accessory perfect for stashing away cannabis accessories and other recreational/medical goods safely – a purpose TROVA founders and Colorado-based entrepreneurs Scott and Jonell Loeppert cite as the impetus for its creation.

The TROVA GO is outfitted with an internal strap within to hold credit cards, cash, vape pens, and any other objects small enough to fit within its 5.2″x 2.2″ x .75″ interior hold.

Credit goes to NYC design firm Aruliden for the TROVA GO’s minimalist pocketable portability, a form expressed using aluminum die forging, CNC machining, and an anodization process. The resulting product is a small, durable case intended to keep precious contents securely incognito, including any scent that might usually waft from other storage solutions, thanks to the TROVA GO’s silicone over mold sealant.

On the tech side, those precious contents within can only be accessed using a Bluetooth app and with biometric verification using the TROVA app. And in circumstances the TROVA GO is misplaced, a “never lost” feature accessible by app allows owners to track down the case’s last known location.

An optional leather sleeve (sold separately) adds an additional luxurious layer or protection.

While cannabis storage is one of the primary applications of the TROVA GO, the case can also be used for keeping any object small and precious enough, including jewelry, safe and secure. For that purpose, the upper lid strap is designed to conveniently hold rings via a magnetic closure.

The TROVA GO is available today, offered in three different color finishes – Sandstone, Fog, and Charcoal – and sold in our Design Milk Shop for $249.

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