The Vancouver Office of Slack Technologies by Leckie Studio

06.13.18 | By
The Vancouver Office of Slack Technologies by Leckie Studio

Leckie Studio created a new headquarters for communications-based software company Slack in downtown Vancouver’s Yaletown district. The project included renovating the industrial space while keeping the original character of the building, like exposed brick, wooden beams, and exposed ductwork and mechanics that keep the office running.

The interior boasts skylights and large windows that allow natural daylight to enter and fill the space. A large moss-covered wall brings an organic element into the industrial interior.

A massive staircase and stadium seating connect two of the floors through an open atrium.

The office has mobile meeting rooms that can be rolled to other spaces for smaller groups or just additional privacy. They also have semi-private cubbies that allow for Skype meetings and phone calls that won’t disturb people around them.

Photos by Ema Peter.

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