The Vapor Echo Pendant Hushes Distracting Workspace Noise

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The Vapor Echo Pendant Hushes Distracting Workspace Noise

With the reintroduction of work-from-home employees back at the office, many are experiencing a noticeable shock to the senses – the sounds of others nearby. While collaboration may improve with proximity to others, the ambient noises can prove highly disruptive to productivity and focus. This is a jarring change for some following years siloed in silence at home. The Vapor Echo Acoustic LED Pendant by Luxxboxx is one of numerous solutions designed to help dampen ambient noises while also illuminating spaces from overhead.

Four blue Vapor Echo pendant LED lamps set different heights over a large sectional seating arrangement with a two-tier side table across a gray rug. Room has soft teal wall in the back with light wood flooring throughout, and enormous frosted glass windows to the right.

As with any room, the more soft surface objects within it the less echo and amplification of sounds exists. Most of the time that means introducing acoustic dampening in the direct surroundings, whether it be upholstered furnishings, rugs, or even wall panels engineered to absorb sound. But what about sounds sent upward and then reflect back outward? Acoustic lighting is a growing segment aimed primarily at the commercial sector made to mitigate sound from overhead using lighting already required within a workspace.

A workspace dining/working area with restaurant style booths each with blue medium size Vapor Echo acoustic pendant lamps illuminating overhead. Two of the booths are occupied with people working from the laptops or in the middle of a conversation.

The Vapor Echo’s large surface area operates as an acoustic sound wave dampening object, helping absorb conversation, phone calls, or other workday sounds captured from within its perimeter to prevent noise pollution.

Rated with a Unified Glare Rating (UGR)  of less than 19, the Vapor Echo is designed for a strong downward component, little lateral output (so the beam angle is relatively narrow) and can accommodate an uplight component. Made from recycled materials, the fixture’s form isn’t limited to a cylinder, but can also be specced in rectangular and cylindrical forms to suit a workspace’s decor and dimensions.

Large green textile 58.3" Vapor Echo pendant set above circular meeting room with wood panel walls and green tinged ceiling near frosted windows.

The largest 58.3″ Vapor Echo pendant offers a wide diameter surface of sound absorption ideal for conference rooms or other meeting spaces.

Available in three sizes and in a range of colors, the 100% recyclable Luxxbox pendant is outfitted with a dimmable LED that can also be customized to direct light upwards for ambient lighting.

Smaller yellow Vapor Echo pendant situated over an open-space work area with sectional gray sofa and two armchairs in green and orange, with one many seated working from laptop and another woman walking by holding a laptop on her side. Large expanse of windows showing hi-rise view surrounds them from all sides.

Small Vapor Echo acoustic pendant lamp in dark gray set within office meeting room furnished with blue armchairs, poufs, whiteboard and orange sofa with two men working together, one from a laptop.

The Luxxbox Vapor Echo and the brand’s other acoustic lights do not create a complete cone of silence, but combined with other thoughtfully planned layouts and soft surfaces, the sum of the efforts can mean the difference between a workspace of welcome collaboration or a den of distraction.

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