Your Dog Can Text You with The WonderWoof Bow Tie

12.21.15 | By
Your Dog Can Text You with The WonderWoof Bow Tie

How could you not love a product named WonderWoof? We love it already.

WonderWoof is an adorable, stylish bow tie that’s, well, more than just a cute little bow tie. It’s actually a smart Bluetooth device that tracks your dog’s activity, ensuring they are getting the right amount of exercise based on their size, breed, and age.

Through the WonderWoof app, you can keep track of your dog’s daily activity with real-time updates. Find out if your dog is running, sleeping, playing, and walking. By creating a personalized doggie profile, it’ll remind you about important things like feedings, medical notifications and playtime. You can even generate reports about your dog’s activity… this is great if you’re trying to increase your dog’s exercise or get him/her to lose some weight.


It can even help your dog (or you!) make new friends. Connect and meet with other dog lovers in your area with the map-enabled social features, and share your dog’s activity with friends. Earn badges through a gamified reward system to encourage activity.



If that wasn’t enough, with WonderWoof, your dog can text you. Oh yeah. It’s happening.

WonderWoof is available in six fun colors and is designed for all sizes and breeds of dogs. It’s also waterproof—because dogs. Plus, you can recharge the battery.







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