Has Benjamin Hubert Designed The World’s Lightest Dining Table?

09.30.13 | By
Has Benjamin Hubert Designed The World’s Lightest Dining Table?

UK-based designer Benjamin Hubert has designed perhaps the world’s lightest wooden table as part of an internal studio research project into lightweight construction. His Ripple table is a little over 8 feet long and about 3.2 feet wide, weighing in at just about 20 pounds (9 kilograms).

Made using 70-80% less material than a standard timber table, Ripple can be assembled and moved around fairly easily by just one person. The lightweight design is due to using a process that corrugates plywood just like cardboard through pressure lamination. Hubert developed this technique with Canadian manufacturer Corelam.







The table is about 0.8mm thick and made from 3-ply birch aircraft plywood.

Ripple was launched at Aram Store during the ndon Design Festival in September as part of Benjamin Hubert’s inaugural UK solo exhibition, Antecedents. It will be available to buy from September on as a commission through Benjamin Hubert.

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