There’s A Dog In The House

There’s a Dog in the House: A Practical Guide to Creating Today’s Dog Friendly Home is an excellent guide and resource book for those of you looking to design your home with your pets in mind. Recently, so many of us (nearly 45 million US households) have begun to incorporate our dogs into our home lives in a way we haven’t in the past. We share our beds, couches, and even our bathtubs! It’s about time a smart book comes along to help us bring our dogs into our homes in the best way possible. There’s A Dog In The House teaches us how to coexist with our pets while maintaining a stylish and clean home.

This incredibly informative guide to creating a dog friendly home was written by authors Nancy Chweiko and Amy Fernandez. Nancy is an Associate Professor of Interior Design while Amy is the author several books on dog behavior and is a recognized dog expert. Together, Nancy and Amy take you room by room provide you with their best researched advice and list of products and resources you’ll need when building your sophisticated pooch-loving pad.

There’s A Dog In The House is available right here. For additional information, you can also follow authors Nancy and Amy on their blog.