These Cozy Dog Beds Feature Fabrics Found in Iconic Museums

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These Cozy Dog Beds Feature Fabrics Found in Iconic Museums

If it’s good enough for the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) and The Guggenheim, it’s good enough for your furry pups. For their first ever pet line, Finland-based studio Kanto collaborated with Kvadrat, known for their fabrics found in the world’s most iconic institutions, to create dog beds that support canine well-being without infringing on the surrounding interior design.

two dogs sniffing a yellow dog bed

The Kanto x Kvadrat Collection features two styles: Luoto, a supportive circular bed, and Oksa, a more traditional design. Both beds are wrapped in Kvadrat’s deadstock fabrics, a nod to the design studio’s commitment to sustainability and high standards for design. The fabrics are made of natural fibers to reduce adverse allergic reactions and prove to be extra durable after scoring 45,000 or more with the Martindale test (30,000 or more indicates commercial grade).

dog sitting in circular dog bed

red circular dog bed in living room

dog laying on beige circular dog bed

dog sitting next to yellow dog bed

two dogs laying on blue dog bed

dog sitting on beige dog bed

Luoto, which means small island in Finnish, is available in three upholstery options: Coda, Tonica, and Hot. Oksa is tree branch in Finnish and is available in Coda and Hot.

detail shot of yellow dog bed

three circular dog beds stacked on top of each other

three rectangular dog beds stacked on top of each other

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