These Headphones Can Translate 11 Languages and Snap Together Into a Wireless Speaker

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These Headphones Can Translate 11 Languages and Snap Together Into a Wireless Speaker

We’ve seen some unique headphone designs before, but the Human Headphones’ unusual design reminds us of a hairstyle popular with a princess from a galaxy far, far away – a wireless over-the-ear headphone design with an unexpected and innovative feature intended to turn private listening sessions into a communal experience.

Human Headphones’ ace card: when snapped together, the two sections function as a single portable Bluetooth audio speaker.

When snapped together, Human Headphones operates as a portable Bluetooth speaker with a 2.2, 4 speaker sound system, capable of not only audio playback, but also equipped to translate group conversations or access a digital assistant.

The all-in-one design is the result of a year’s worth of research informed by the anatomy of the human ear, resulting in a comfortable form factor freed from cables or headband, but also delivering a fully immersive sound comparable to over-the-ear models with 9 hours of playback between charges.

Seattle-based Human Inc. has also equipped their adaptive device with extra features such as capacitive touch controls, ambient sound control (accessible via app using “Blend Mode”), language translation (11 different languages), and twice the battery life when compared to other wireless headphones.

Play, pause, skip, volume adjustment, call features, and the ability to access Google or Siri are all built into the headphone’s touch capacitive surface.

Depending on your hairstyle, Human Headphones might make you look like an extra from a Star Wars flick, but they do deliver a triple threat of features: the performance and isolation of over-the-ear headphones, the freedom/comfort of wireless ear-buds, and the option to turn a private listening party into a communal affair.

Human Headphones are available now for $259 via

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