This Fashion Collection Depicts the Staggering Rate of Urbanization

02.05.20 | By
This Fashion Collection Depicts the Staggering Rate of Urbanization

Approximately 10 million textiles are put in national landfills in the United States alone. Shenkar College graduate Dana Cohen has come up with a new way to make these discarded fabrics into new textiles. In Cohen’s process, the used cloths are shredded into monochromatic fibers and then integrated with fresh new ones to create entirely unique, one-of-a-kind felted textiles.

Cohen’s second collection, City Growth, uses images from NASA aerial photographs to depict the massive growth of cities in the past four decades. The collection was awarded the Mifal Hapais award, shown at Tel Aviv Fashion Week and Vietnam Fashion Week, and is now available online.

Other than designing new outfits, Cohen has also been asked to use her method to create artwork and wall tapestry for the Israel Museum, the Mingei Museum in San Diego, and the Tel Aviv Museum of Art.

Keshia grew up in Singapore and moved to the U.S. to attend Dartmouth College. When she was living abroad after graduation, a chance enrollment at the Architectural Association Visiting School led to her becoming enamored with door schedules and architectural écriture. She's particularly interested in design for aging, rural architecture, and Asian design heritage.