Tickreich Collection by Samuel Treindl
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Samuel Treindl has an interesting collection of concepts made into physical objects. Even though these are just concepts, they’d make quite useful things in everyday life. I’d love to own the clock, which provides a three-minute reserve with the minute hand!

From the designer:

Our everyday life is characterized by social norms and behaviour patterns. The product line “tickreich“ responds to our everyday quirks and cultivates them at the same time. We wind up a cable between hand and elbow. We set our clocks forward just a bit. We don‘t always hit the bin with the wadded paper – everybody knows these situations. These habits have been analysed and put together into a collection.


This revolves around the idea that different options are needed.

For clothing that someone needs to wash quickly by hand, they can hang them here to dry them over the heating.


From the designer: “I hate things lying around. I need everything well organized. I can’t think clearly unless everything is arranged in parallel on the desk.”

If you’d like to set the clock forward a few minutes to get a little leeway in order to be on time.