Timeless Italian Glassware by Obakki Is Ready to Go the Distance

08.03.21 | By
Timeless Italian Glassware by Obakki Is Ready to Go the Distance

We’ve shared our love of Obakki and their purpose-driven designs before, but their Italian glassware collection deserves its own attention. Crafted from Swiss borosilicate glass by Italian creative studio R+D.LAB, it has a list of qualities you’d look for in something so delicately beautiful. Durable and some of the most resilient glass available on the market, it can withstand extreme temperature changes without cracking or scratching, thanks to its chemical makeup.

But Obakki’s glassware is special beyond that. Crafted by third-generation Italian artisan glassblowers, and shaped using traditional mouth blowing techniques, the modern shapes of the collection were inspired by modern architecture and the strong lines it’s known for. The color palette features shades of deep, but neutral, hues that are sure to mix well with the rest of your bar or kitchen. Lastly, every single piece is one-of-a-kind, timeless in design and capable of lasting a lifetime.

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