Together and Apart Makes for Modular Brilliance

Copenhagen-born, Williamsburg, Brooklyn-based architect and designer Bjarke Ballisager creates clean, functional furniture. His latest design is a modular furniture unit, called Together and Apart, that made its debut during Copenhagen’s 3 Days of Design. It consists of interlocking blocks that can be combined, allowing for users to create furniture in an adjustable range of heights and shapes. More than two wedges make for a nearly limitless range of options: chairs, benches, booster seats for kids, side tables, laptop desks, coffee tables, lounges, nightstands and more.

“I wanted to create furniture that didn’t have a single, predetermined use. Furniture that would invite and challenge the user to interact with it, feel the material, experiment with different heights and widths, try different combinations, and essentially play with it, as we need more creative play in our lives,” said Ballisager. “The modular design is great for eco-conscious small homes, where furniture that can play several different roles at different times can be a necessity.”

Currently available on a made-to-order basis in solid white oak, ash wood and rapidly renewable cork, the blocks will soon be available in a lighter, eco-friendly EVA foam as well.

Bjarke Ballisager \\\ Photo: Ashe K Hoffland

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