Trace by Studio Ayaskan Uses Lasers to Display the Passing of Time

05.06.16 | By
Trace by Studio Ayaskan Uses Lasers to Display the Passing of Time

The talents of Begum and Bike Ayaskan of Studio Ayaskan were already a known quantity to us, their poetic Sand Clock noted as one of our favorite designs of last year. The sibling designers have since transitioned from sand to liquid as a timepiece medium, using a laser UV light to invoke a color change within a transparent photochromic solution in similar meditative and poetic fashion, a timepiece that impressed Lexus to award their Trace clock as a finalist in their annual Lexus Design Award earlier this year.

Anticipation is about our expectation of the future. Every second that passes is an opportunity to affect this path before us, yet in this fast paced society, how many of us take action? When we considered the theme of anticipation, we were naturally drawn to the concept of time.






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