Traditional Arab Majlis Inspire Patricia Urquiola’s Insula Modular Sofa

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Traditional Arab Majlis Inspire Patricia Urquiola’s Insula Modular Sofa

Ask just about anyone in the creative world and they’ll likely agree that Patricia Urquiola’s design touch is top-notch, and that any brand fortunate enough to collaborate with her should consider themselves lucky. Spanish outdoor furniture brand Kettal is capitalizing on that good luck with the Insula modular sofa collection. Designed by Urquiola, this release, which launched during Milan Design Week 2024, is an updated version of the traditional floor sofas found in Arab majlis, large rooms used as a gathering space for entertaining. Whether they’re used for hosting a community meeting or entertaining family and friends, the seating and space are made multifunctional. Urquiola designed Insula as the ideal furniture group to facilitate socialization, and to be enjoyed both indoors and outdoors.

Outdoor seating area with green and blue modular sofas near a pool, set against a backdrop of lush greenery.

Urquiola’s reinterprets the historical furnishing as a low, modular seat featuring a silhouette that’s loaded with smooth shapes and chunky character, finished off with a statement-making roll backrest. That last element helps to balance the furniture’s visual proportions, accentuating the length of the sofa and adding an architectural feel through its details.

Outdoor space with a large pink modular sofa, side tables, and a view of a beach, ocean, and palm trees.

Insula’s modular sofa seating is available in two sizes, giving owners their choice of numerous types of backrests including individual, double, and angular. No matter the decision, you’ll find the cushions to be incredibly soft, making the experience all the more comfortable, whether that’s inside an office workspace or outside on your own patio.

Modern open living space with beige modular sofas and a coffee table overlooks a serene lake and mountains under a cloudy evening sky.

A contemporary living room with light-colored modular sofas, a coffee table, large floor-to-ceiling windows, indoor plants, wooden panel walls, and a bookshelf on the left.

A sunlit room with sheer white curtains, featuring a brown modular sofa, an ottoman, and a side table.

A modern beige sofa positioned near a window with sheer curtains, allowing natural light to flood the room. A small round side table is adjacent to the sofa.

A modern living room features a brown modular sofa, a central square coffee table, a small round side table, a lamp, books, and a vase on a striped rug with vertical blinds in the background.

A modern interior featuring a green cushioned chair, a white vase with flowers on a small table, and green curtains partially enclosing the space.

A modular pink sofa with a coffee table featuring a pink tiled surface, set against a plain white background.

Two modular green sofas, each with multiple sections and matching cushions, set on a light gray floor. Small round trays are placed on the sofas.

A modern sectional sofa with blue upholstery is arranged around a square coffee table with a grid-patterned surface.

Two modern, modular sectional sofas in a minimalist setting. The foreground sofa is beige with rounded cushions and a built-in side table, while the background sofa is green with similar design elements.

A modern, light pink modular chair with a low backrest and cushioned seat, set against a plain white background.

A modern, light pink modular corner seat, set against a plain white background.

A modern, light pink modular chaise lounge, set against a plain white background.

A modern, light pink ottoman, set against a plain white background.

A modern, light pink ottoman, set against a plain white background.

A modern, light pink modular sofa, set against a plain white background.

A square, maroon coffee table with a cylindrical base on a plain white background.

A modern, minimalist red table with a round base and a flat, circular tabletop.

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Stand photography by Salva Lopez.

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