Tralhão Furniture

Portuguese design group Tralhão Furniture has launched its first collection at Salone.

Description below is from the designers.

Alfama is the first design object created by Tralhão Furniture, which has the ambition through design, to perpetuate memories, reinterpret techniques and concepts from the past. Summing up, recreating a universe grounded in a dichotomy between past and future. The name Alfama is the fusion between the two words “alpha” (1st letter of the Greek alphabet) and “ama” — love in Portuguese (love for design). On the other hand, portrays one of the most characteristic and emblematic neighborhoods of Lisbon: Alfama. It is inspired in Portuguese Tiles, a basic element of national culture. Alfama besides being a tribute to the anonymous design of generations and past generations, aims to conceptually personify the world today; a world in constant deconstruction and deep global transformation. Alfama desires to communicate graphically, the monumentality present in the national architecture, confronting the duality Ethics vs. Aesthetics.

This multifunctional piece is made out of MDF with shapes laser cut, lacquered in high gloss white. The surprising interior is achieved thanks to a playful display of the drawers and a variety of finishes, such as gold leaf with a varnish layer on top and laser cut stainless steel plate. An interaction of the exterior and interior is visible through the light penetrating the piece and reaching the reflective elements. A sense of lightness is attained due to the glass feet.




Immersed in the desire for a “sudden sense of making”, the Epiphany collection aims through design to represent a new “sensory urbanity” inspired in historical, cultural and artistic identity elements. “A city of porcelain was created”, a magical setting where the pace of the built elements become exuberant through brightness, design, color, but mainly by its own characteristics of a changing reality in constant transformation and evolution.

The three pieces of this collection have a MDF structure and feet made out of glass. The finishes include white high gloss lacquer, silver leaf with a blue varnish layer on top, blue vinyl, and beige velvet. The relief in Monte 15 and Castelo 43 is attained thanks to laser cut MDF, and in Vilar 3 due to vinyl below the varnish.

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