Travel Accessories Roundup: The Design Milk Team Edition

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Travel Accessories Roundup: The Design Milk Team Edition

One of my favorite parts about traveling is actually the packing process. I know some people hate it and put it off until the last hour (it gives me anxiety just thinking about that!) but I think I’ve come to associate packing with that excitement that comes knowing a fun trip is just around the corner. I’m always interested in hearing what people put in their suitcases so I thought, who better to recommend cool, modern travel accessories than my coworkers! I turned to the Design Milk team to see what they pack on their trips…


Jaime Derringer
I swear by my Sennheiser CX 200 Street ii earbuds and my Incase backpack. Also, I use a Mophie power phone case for extra battery.


Caroline Williamson
I use Baggu Nylon Pouches in various sizes to contain things in my luggage and carry-on, and a Tumi Smart Powerbank because it can charge your iPhone up to 5x or you can charge any of your other devices.


Leo Lei
My must-haves for travel are a Leica Q and Beoplay H3 ANC (active-noise cancelling) in-ear headphones.


Gregory Han
If I’m traveling domestic, I usually travel lighter with the Moshi Vortex earbuds and Lightning cable tucked inside the This Is Ground Cordito Rollup. For longer international flights I like the Sennheiser HD 630VB headphones to pair with my iPad. Lately, I’ve been leaving my larger FujiFilm XT1 camera at home and using the Sony RX100 III Cyber-shot, a really fantastic and capable travel camera.



Amy Azzarito
I have a bright pink neon luggage tag from Flight 001 that is a necessity for spotting my suitcase on the rare times I have to check in luggage (like bringing wine home from Italy or other equally good excuses!). I also travel with a full sleep set (particularly on long haul international flights), earplugs, Tylenol PM and a sleep mask and I’m good to go! (Sans jet leg)


Colin Villone
A BOSE SoundLink Color Bluetooth speaker, a Marque 2 M165 Mobile Bluetooth Headset from Plantronics, and Rouge Speed Rope.


Melissa Green
Baggu Weekend Bag for short trips or as a carry-on, packing bags/cubes from Topo Designs to stay organized, a Soma water bottle for staying hydrated and a portable white noise machine.


Nanette Wong
I love having a one less thing to bring, so a charging iPhone case from Mophie is key. You don’t have to worry about carrying extra cords or rifling through your bag to find all the pieces of your portable charger. I’ve also gone through multiple travel bags and backpacks that also fit my camera, and love the Vinta backpack that we’ve featured before. It doesn’t look like a typical camera backpack, and has lots of compartments to hold all my lenses and gear.


Katie Treggiden
Apple Smart Battery Case for the iPhone 6 to make sure I’m never caught out with a dead phone and my Moleskine Taskmaster planner comes everywhere with me – I run my life from that little (large!) black book.


David Behringer
1) I use a money clip in two scenarios: when I wear a tight suit, and when I travel – I find I don’t need the multiple membership/credit cards. A money clip is perfectly simple, light & quick. This one by GENMFGCO is beautiful (though no longer available).
2) It’s not stylish, but I’m a big fan of reusable & fully collapsable water bottles. This Platypus folds to fit in my pocket when empty. I’ll even bring it empty, to fill it at drinking fountains as needed.
3) Moleskine: never leave home without it.


Cori Magee
It’s not very designy, but I must travel with my portable modem from Verizon!


Vy Tran
As for me, I love my Away carry-on for flights (pro tip: the black minimizes the appearance of scratches). I always laugh when strangers come up to me and ask, “Are you charging your phone into your luggage?!” For local overnight stays I turn to my trusty Everlane Weekender. To capture the moment, I use a Sony A6000 (though I did upgrade to a full frame recently; shhh, don’t tell my fiancé). I’ve used my A6000 for a couple of years now though and it’s a fast compact mirrorless camera that delivers DSLR-sharp images without the DSLR weight.

The Design Milk team would love to know, what are YOUR must-have travel accessories? Comment below so we can check them out and do another roundup! Until then, be sure to check out our Travel column for all things modern travel-related and follow us on @designmilktravels!

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