Tube by Zilvinas Kempinas

Lithuanian-born, New York-based artist Zilvinas Kempinas had a love and fascination with the VHS tape and took that love to a whole new level. And let me tell you, it’s mind-blowing. Kempinas created Tube, an 80-foot-long enclosed walkway that was created using the magnetic tape from old VHS tapes. Lines and lines of the black tape were stretched out creating a tube that is completely mesmerizing to look at – imagine walking through it! Now you know what to do with all of your old VHS tapes, right?

The installation was part of the 53rd Venice Biennale in 2009 where Kempinas represented Lithuania.

Kempina’s first Tube installation at Atelier Calder in 2008.

It looks like a train going by at lightening speed, or a time warp!

[via Triangulation Blog]

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