Tulle Portraits by Benjamin Shine

Instead of painting with paint, British artist Benjamin Shine creates his portraits with tulle — you know, that netting fabric that you see on various gowns or tutus. Shine takes a single piece of tulle and proceeds to pleat, iron, and manipulate it into these hauntingly realistic portraits full of light, shadow, and dimension.

Elizabeth Taylor (first image also)

The three-dimensional pieces show unbelievable likeness to the person they are meant to portray, despite the use of such a raw textile.

Elizabeth Taylor

Andy Warhol

While not a portrait per se, the “Hands of Time” installation is made from over 50 meters (approx. 164 feet) of tulle. The detail created is unreal!

Hands of Time – in process

Hands of Time – close up

Hands of Time – detail

Hands of Time – side view


Sheikah – in process

Mrs. Foster




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