A 3D Pendant Lamp That Dims With a Twist

Anyone fairly versed in the use of a digital or film camera knows how the diaphragm within a lens controls the amount of light passing into the camera, manipulated for specific effects related to light and darkness. The Twist pendant light by OliveBird – aka Evan Gant – follows suit with a blade design permitting manual control of illumination with a simple twist.

The Twist’s 3D printed DNA results in a slightly gritty and matte black nylon plastic finish, a grippy texture that benefits the twist adjustment design. The amount of light is adjusted by raising the bottom ring until it is in contact with the top ring, then each rotated in opposite directions to open or close the woven shade design. Once the desired amount of light is reached, the rings are separated to lock the shade into place.

The Twist is designed to use a longer length, LED Bright Stik style bulb.

The Twist is one of several 3D designs created by Evan Gant sold through the 3D marketplace, Shapeways, including a simpler, yet elegant 3D printed pendant design without the twisting mechanism.

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