Two Apartments Combined into a Luxurious Family Home in Mumbai

09.14.17 | By
Two Apartments Combined into a Luxurious Family Home in Mumbai

Designed by Gaurav Kharkar & Associates, Nigram’s Residence is a project located in Goregaon, a suburb in Mumbai, India, which consisted of two empty, three bedroom apartments being joined together. Combined, the new family home spans 2,500 square feet with a large living room that includes a formal and informal seating areas, a kitchen, dining room, bar, study, and four bedrooms. Besides merging the apartments, the firm also designed the luxurious interior.

The clients requested a clean, modern interior but left all the details up to the designers. They chose a grey, white, and brown color palette throughout the house, and added a bright color in each of the rooms to make them pop.

A paneled wood and white detail wraps up and onto the ceiling near the entryway.

The study acts as a multipurpose room and features a glass partition that keeps it connected to the living room.

In each of the bedrooms, they experimented with patterns, textures, and color that result in cozy, modern spaces.

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