Ultra Gamma: Design with Unseen Waves
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At Salone, an installation by Professor Ezri Tarazi and the d-Vision Group called “Ultra Gamma: Design with Unseen Waves,” based on the concept that in 50 years it is possible that waves will be discovered at a frequency currently unknown to mankind.

The installation is made up of five giant lights under which one can stand. Each is equipped with a powerful and unique LED technology flashlight (the “transmitter”) that changes colors and lighting intensity. The “Ultra-Gamma” rays are divided into seven different frequencies based on color and in the center of the installation is an operator workstation, which activates the lights via touchscreens.

From the group:

More than 100 years ago, in 1895, Nobel Prize winner Professor Wilhelm Röntgen discovered that x-rays could be used to reveal the internal structure of the human body. “Ultra-Gamma” rays (a frequency that does not currently exist) will be discovered by mankind, allowing us to develop possibilities that today are merely in the realm of fantasy.

The future will bring understanding, awareness, and maturity regarding the complexity and subtleties of these components and many hidden abilities, strengthening the potential of each person by correcting, balancing, and calibrating all of these aspects, leading to a more profound realization of each individual’s potential enhancement and alignment.

Design: Professor Ezri Tarazi and the d-Vision Group
Sponsored by: The Keter Group
Keter Group Chairman: Sami Sagol
d-Vision Program Director: Tzipi Kunda
d-Vision Program Coordinator: Hila Rogozik
In Collaboration with: Metamorphasa, Evolight, Cosmit

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