Ceramic Vases Inspired by Volcanic Islands

Jaïna Ennequin and Baptiste Sévin are two graduates from the École Supérieure d’Art et de Design, an art school in Reims, France, who decided to join creative forces to create a project called The Story Of The Island. Ennequin was born on the Guadeloupe Island in the West Indies. It is the Ennequin’s origins that influenced the project which consists of three different collections of ceramic vases, crafted with elements from the volcanic island.

The Pillow vases evoke the natural volcanic phenomenon when hot lava reaches the cold ocean water. Multiple forms become one and the vase takes on the shape of solidified lava. A variation of the vase has a more simplified design.

Dark Smoker evokes the deep-water columns of smoke at the origin of formation of the volcanic islands.

Last but not least, Dark Smokers Part 2 is a more textured variation of Dark Smokers that looks like volcanic rocks have been fused together.

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