Venus & the Cat Collaborates With UK Street Artists

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Venus & the Cat Collaborates With UK Street Artists

Venus & the Cat, makers of bespoke urban homeware, collaborates with standout talent from the UK’s street art scene. The brand crafts exclusive limited-edition fine bone china that captures the heart of British street art and allows artists to create work that won’t be covered or washed away. Blending machine and century-old hand-crafting techniques, each piece passes through over 20 pairs of skilled hands during its creation.

The Tools of the Trade Planter is an exclusively commissioned work by renowned visual artist Katrina Russell-Adams. Only 50 of these indoor plant pots were made. Katrina Russell-Adams’ art is informed by the joyful clash of diversity, shapes, the people and places around her. Her eye-catching, bold work has adorned the streets and galleries of London. For her Venus & the Cat collab, she used the ceramic craftsmanship process to inform the shapes and themes of her work.

Tools of the Trade art

Artist Katrina Russell-Adams

Limited to 50 produced, Hatch’s Break the Mould Planter takes inspiration from figures in fiction, science, fashion and more. The designs juxtapose heroes old and new in one stunning design. Hatch is known for combining linework and pops of color with complex and engaging compositions.

Artist Hatch

Social Distancing — Carl Cashman’s limited-edition vase for Venus & the Cat— fits the time. Displaying Cashman’s unique style, the artwork on the vase uses color and dynamism with negative space to bring together isolated elements, stretching across a canvas without edges.

Social Distancing art

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