Vertically Unchallenged: The Gramovox Floating Record Player

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Vertically Unchallenged: The Gramovox Floating Record Player

Co-founder and CEO of Gramovox, Pavan Bapu, believes in the warmth of vinyl. He also believes the long-lived appreciation of records isn’t just about their audio characteristics, but connected to their aesthetic presence, recognizing part of the appeal of listening and collecting records is handling and displaying favorites. This affinity for the tactile and visual motivated Bapu to help create the Gramovox Floating Record Player, a vertically-oriented player which makes very clear where you stand in regards to audio format preferences.


From Pavan Bapu:

What’s more iconic than the record player? It’s beautiful


Designed as an all-in-one design (shipping with just 6 parts out of the box), the Floating Record player is made with a real walnut or maple wood base with vibration dampening heft, sports integrated full-range stereo speakers and 15w per channel digital amplifier, all without the need to install a cartridge, set the tracking force, or purchase a phono preamp or speakers. It’s designed to pull out of the box, plug in, and set the stylus onto a favorite album.

More discriminating audiophiles will appreciate the system is capable of handing off output to a pre-amp and external speakers for a more robust, room-filling sound, while also noting the choice to go with upgraded component materials like the carbon fiber tone-arm, the inclusion of the AT95E Audio-Technica Dual Magnet Cartridge, a polished acrylic platter, and long-lasting silicon belt.

The vertical orientation is novel, but not new. Those with a thing for turntable history might remember the portable free-standing Sony PS-F5 Flamingo or the linear tracking Mitsubishi LT-640. Some believe this design orientation prevents tone arm skating, but it’s primarily a space-saving and aesthetic choice then and now.


• Walnut or Maple Wood Base
• Fully-adjustable Carbon-Fiber Tone-Arm
• AT95E Dual Magnet Diamond-Tip Cartridge
• Dynamic, Full-range stereo speakers
• Manual Belt-Drive System (33 1/3 or 45 RPM)
• DC Stepper motor with super high precision motor control circuit
• Low-resonance, high-mass Acrylic Plinth and Platter
• RCA Audio Out
• Headphone Jack
• AC Powder Adapter (compatible worldwide)
• 17” Wide x 10” Deep x 16” Tall
• 13lbs.


Those interested in getting their vinyl-loving hands on a Gramovox Floating Record Player will find more information about pre-ordering a unit scheduled for delivery later this year at the Gramovox Kickstarter page.

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