Vibrato Transforms a Favorite Song into Unique Wall Art

06.16.17 | By
Vibrato Transforms a Favorite Song into Unique Wall Art

Imagine your favorite song. Now envision what the song would look like. That’s the simple premise behind Vibrato, an online service inviting users to upload their favorite music or any audio track to be converted into an aural-visual piece of wall art.

The process converting a section of audio into a visual representation is as interesting as the resulting imagery itself. A 4″×4″ optically clear plastic sheet is placed over an audio speaker, with specially diluted ink applied over this surface before the chosen track is put on blast.

The resulting monochromatic “vibrato” image can share semblance to a mushroom spore print or an exploding celestial event; what you see is as subjective as any piece of art, the “artist” being the sonic imprint of a song or audio recording. Each design is thus unique, manually scanned, enlarged, enhanced and printed on 30×30 high quality Somerset Velvet – 310 gsm, certified archival paper, then individually hand numbered and signed. The recipient will also receive the original 4″×4″ inked recording as a companion piece. Not a bad gift idea for gifting a friend with a penchant for tasteful or unapologetically questionable quality music if you ask us.

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