Visitor Collection by Judith Jacobi

Judith Jacobi is a student at Burg Giebichenstein Kunsthochschule in Halle, Germany whose project called Visitor is a collection of products that presents creative solutions for needs surrounding commuting, travel and communication.

Judith says,

Commuting between one location and another is not about the places itself and neither about logistics and time management. It is rather about the people who are important to us and who care about us. At last we put up with such a double life for our friends and families.

The collection consists of three designs: a calendar, where dates become secondary and migrant birds as representatives for people living far from each other, move towards each other from day to day; a pin-set for maps, where small nesting boxes can be filled with memories of distant intimates and thus a location on the map is replaced by a person; and a piece of furniture that serves as a well-prepared nest for the arrival, being filled with plans for the weekend and other prearrangements. It can also accommodate a bag, clothes and other personal accessories when the visitor finally arrives.

You can contact Judith at [email protected]

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