VOLDOG Collars and Leashes Finished with High-End Kvadrat Fabrics

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VOLDOG Collars and Leashes Finished with High-End Kvadrat Fabrics

Launched in Barcelona by design and architecture studio VOL DOS, modern pet brand VOLDOG came about after getting their first dog, a golden retriever named Scoot. They wanted to give him the best products to make him more comfortable and happy during his walking and rest times. VOLDOG succeeded with a collection of modern collars and leashes decked out with high-end, design-driven fabrics from Danish textile brand Kvadrat. Currently there are three Kvadrat patterns available in two colorways each, which gives you the opportunity to pick a matching or complementary set. Or you can always go wild and mix patterns as you see fit. See VOLDOG’s pet collection below and for purchase go here!

Gori Coral Collar

Gori Coral Leash

Gori Klein Collar

Gori Klein Leash

Toku Fluor Collar

Toku Fluor Leash

Toku Siena Collar

Toku Siena Leash

Scoot Scarlet Collar

Scoot Scarlet Leash

Scoot Castaño Collar

Scoot Castaño Leash

As if their stylish collars and leashes weren’t enough, VOLDOG also makes really cool modern pet beds! Their modern shapes make basic pet beds a thing of the past and almost as good as people furniture.

Round Pet Bed

Square Pet Bed

Sofa Pet Bed

Rectangle Pet Bed

>> To shop the VOLDOG pet collection of collars, leashes, and beds, go here! <<

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