Wacky Walk’r Leash Review
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Every time I load the Wacky Walk’r website, my dogs freak out over the bark. It’s so funny!

Dog Milk reader Ray emailed me about the Wacky Walk’r and said that it really helped with his pulling staffordshire bull terrier, Maddie. I feel like he must have been reading my mind because lately, my dogs are out of control. They pull me one way and the other way and then in opposite directions so I look like Stretch Armstrong. I decided to email Wacky Walk’r to see if I could test drive one of their leashes. They were so nice and sent me two and a keychain!

I received a medium bright green Wacky Walk’r for Beans and an extra large hot pink Urban for Lulu (they come in 14 wacky colors and up to six sizes!). The Wacky Walk’r is 3 feet long and can stretch up to 6 feet, and the Urban is 1.5 feet long and stretches up to 3 feet. They also make the Coupl’r, a leash for two dogs but in order to use it the dogs must be similar in size. This wouldn’t work for my dogs because Lulu would end up peeing on Beans’ head.

I really like the hardcore latch on the Urban — that thing is no joke:

I like to keep Lulu closer to me so she heels and the Urban is just the perfect length for that. Plus, we’ve noticed that most people are more intimidated by her than Beans when we’re on our walks, so I like to control her more. Otherwise, she tends to scare people even when she’s headed in their direction for pets and kisses.

The leashes are made in parts, with the leash body being 100% natural rubber latex and then the connecting parts made of nylon. The idea behind using the latex material is that it has “give.” Wacky Walk’r’s slogan is “We won’t jerk your chain!” which is funny, but also describes the reasoning behind their design. These leashes are made to reduce the stress on your arms and shoulders when a dog is pulling, as well as relieve the kinetic stress on the animal as well.

I’ll be honest that I wasn’t sure about these, even after they arrived. But we’ve been using these leashes now for about two weeks, and I must admit that they do really help lessen that shoulder-popping, jerking sensation. I never feel lifted off my feet anymore. At first, they seemed — well — wacky. But after a while, you get used to the odd, springy sensation. Mr. Dog Milk said that it feels like you’ve got a fish on the line. I think that the short and the long one work well for my respective dogs. The dogs are still pulling me all over the place, which I have been trying to work on with them, but at least it doesn’t feel like my arm is coming out of the socket.

Beans is not too thrilled in this photo.

The leashes are also machine washable, an added benefit because sometimes Lulu does a “drive-by sliming” on Beans’ leash, which happened on our very first walk with these!

Wacky Walk’r is Lulu approved — just look at this satisfied, happy face:

Head on over to Wacky Walk’r to watch a video about the leashes and sniff around some.

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