WantedDesign Manhattan 2017 Favorites

Visiting the WantedDesign Manhattan exhibition is always one of our favorites during NYCxDesign week and this year was no exception. It was a packed house, filled with attendees, modern design, creative makers, and forward-moving thinkers. As we made our way from one end to the other of the Terminal Stores, a few exhibitors caught our eyes – here are some of our favorites:

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WantedDesign Manhattan 2017 Favorites

We’ve shared Kino Guérin’s Why Knot Table before so we were excited to see his latest collection of twisty and multi-functional shelves.

Tat Chao applies a “no glue, no screws” philosophy when it comes to his products. These acrylic and wood baskets are a modern and minimalist way to store your apples and oranges. The nice thing about them is that they can be assembled within seconds and flat-packed for easy storage and transport.

It was nice to put away our phone for a second and make something with our hands. Floor Nijdeken’s Crossover Collective was a “social machine” that brought attendees together at the same table to embroider a little something of their own on the collectively hand-crafted carpet.

Dedon brings outdoor furniture to a whole new level of comfort with this winged rocking chair from its Mbrace Collection.

Fabbian created a booth that was part light installation, part photo booth. Inspired by Broadway, the mosaic booth was created with Laminis glass that definitely gave off that theatrical vibe.

Is it a ladder or is it a seat? It’s both! This multi-functional piece of furniture by KLD Design let’s you “enjoy the sun” or “climb to the moon.”

Propellor teamed up with IDS Vancouver this year and showcased their Orée Light, a light sculpture inspired by the vertical layers found in the forrest and the warmth of the sun that shines through it. (Fun fact: Orée comes from the French Canadian phrase à l’orée du bois, or on the edge of the woods.)

Studio Gorm was crowned the 2017 recipient of the American Design Honors program presented in conjunction with Bernhardt Design. Their collection of simple but well designed objects for the home in the prettiest color palettes had us wanting each and every piece!

We could see a place in our own kitchen for evolution’s collection of kitchen tools.

Finally, six brands and designers from Barcelona showcased their work as part of the “Inspired in Barcelona: Lifestyle” exhibit organized by the Barcelona Centre Disseny. We especially liked Toru’s leather Babu seat and Livingthing’s fun, topsy-turvy planters!

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