WEED’D Sculptural Bongs Display a Different Approach to Cannabis

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WEED’D Sculptural Bongs Display a Different Approach to Cannabis

If you need further proof cannabis culture is no longer content hiding itself away in a corner, look no further than Simone Bonanni Studio’s effort, WEED’D – a limited, three-object collection of “smoking design objects” made in Italy that sits somewhere between smoking tools and sculptural objects intended to be openly and proudly displayed.

Founded as a spin-off of WOOD’D, the trio of ceramic bong designs launched across selected retailers in Italy, France, and Switzerland (unsurprisingly) on April 20th, World Cannabis Day. Designed by Bonanni as well as Valerio Sommella and Maddalena Casadei, each designer took on the task of reimagining the classic smoking instrument as tools to communicate it’s time to “slow down, relax, and take a break from the hectic pace of modern life.”

With a portfolio represented by the likes of Alessi, MOOOI, MDF Italia, and FIAM, the trio of designs for WEED’D combine colorful hues with industrial-influenced shapes, a nod to the city’s manufacturing history and fashionable reputation.

Simone Bonanni’s SB001 factory chimney style bong in blue

Valerio Sommella’s VS001 in yellow

Designed to “exhibit and celebrate,” the seemingly impersonal model names attached to each ceramic pipe design – SB001, VS001, and MC001 – actually stands for the initials of each of its creators (and seems to hint there will be more in the pipeline).

Maddalena Casadei’s MC001 pipe

WEED’D is currently available via and in select retailers across Italy, France, and Switzerland.

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Photos by Mattia Greghi.

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