We’re Fired Up About Houseplant’s Sake Set by Seth Rogen

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We’re Fired Up About Houseplant’s Sake Set by Seth Rogen

Seth Rogen is first and foremost known for being a funny gent with an infectiously staccato chortle and an affinity for high times. We all know that guy from his many years portraying various freaks and geeks with unguarded aplomb. But quietly and consistently Rogen has gone onto create a small catalog of ceramics for his own cannabis, housewares, and lifestyle brand, Houseplant, which he co-founded with friend Evan Goldberg. Rogen’s pieces are primarily mid-century modern in style, occasionally veering into wonderfully-weird detours of the organic, and joined by an assortment of accessories designed “for people who like nice things.” His latest design is a measured pour, pairing a traditional tortoise glaze with a contemporary silhouette into a 5-piece Sake Set arriving ahead of Houseplant’s next surprise announcement.

Four ceramic sake cups and vessel with dark speckled and glossy glaze.

Comprising four cups and a matching carafe with just enough capacity to fill each respectively, the Sake Set is handsomely fired to exhibit a subtly speckled and reflective tenmoku-style glaze. The effect is achieved by firing ceramics using high temperatures and precise additions of iron oxide to enliven the edges of the high-gloss and deep black color. It also creates the vessel’s contrasting red-orange gradient.

The Sake Set by Seth features a small ceramic carafe and matching cups with dark speckled and glossy glaze.

The pinched silhouette of both cup and serving vessel offers a satisfying hold, both for pouring and drinking. Sake itself is highly affected by the shape of the cup from which it is served, with Rogen’s contemporary design falling somewhere between a traditional ochoko-style sake cup and the modern tapered glass cups increasingly used for the Japanese spirit.

Detail of ceramic sake vessel with dark speckled and glossy glaze along edges.

Four ceramic sake cups with dark speckled and glossy glaze.

Seth Rogan pouring sake into one of four sake cups.

As hinted above, the $165 Sake Set is intended to be paired with a new venture, Houseplant’s own label Junmai Daiginjo sake, a floral and complex expression of highly polished rice fermented to deliver a smooth finish. But even without that specific spirited companion, the Sake Set makes a fine gift for any connoisseur of the slow sip.

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