The Amore Mio Collection Delves Into the Deep Cuts of the 70s Aesthetic

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The Amore Mio Collection Delves Into the Deep Cuts of the 70s Aesthetic

If you even have a hangnail on the pulse of decor trends the last several years, you’ve probably noticed the reemergence of plain field tiling treatments escaping the prescribed trappings of the kitchen and bathroom to sneak into every surface and corner of the home. Tiles can be found unironically adorning seemingly everything these days, from side tables to coffee tables to lighting, and now for the musically-inclined, a hi-fi turntable stand.

Operating under the moniker Willow, Los Angeles-based designer Gretta Solie has been utilizing the affordable and readily available material with confidence, imparting a small catalog of furnishings and accessories with a look that can be traced to the late 1960s/early 1970s efforts of influential Italian architectural firm, Superstudio.

Amore Mio all-black turntable and speaker stand staged in a living room next to complementing black tile side table and chair.

A selection of past tiled seating and side table designs finished in colorful green, white, lime and orange tile finishes.

In its more colorful and pastel iterations, the reemergence of tiled furniture often adopts a quasi-nostalgia evocative of the 2010s vaporwave aesthetic. But as utilized by Solie in black and red for the Amore Mio collection, the tiling exhibits a more sensual Italo disco vibe that seemingly oozes from the hard surfaces.

Amore Mio Red Vinyl Stand staged next to red checkered candlelit dinner table with record ready to play.

Tile does make wiping any errant red sauce clean up a simple task.

Fashioned as a collaborative effort between Willow and musical artist Bad Nonno (aka Joey Francis), Amore Mio arrives as a simultaneous furniture drop intended to coincide with an eponymous digital album release.

Corner detail angled shot of Red Vinyl Stand.

“We decided to collaborate and incorporate Bad Nonna’s career as a musician and producer and came up with an aesthetically beautiful, but also functional record player stands that pays homage to his Italian roots,” explains owner/designer, Solie.

Black and white versions of the Willow Amore Mio Monochrome Vinyl Stand set side by side.

The $1,750 Monochrome Vinyl Stand is a complete, ready-to-listen stereo system, and includes a color-matched turntable with two speakers snugly placed beneath the stand’s top surface. Available in all-black or all-white finishes, each turntable stand also includes storage space for a small collection of favorite vinyl records, with each sound system stand made to order by hand.

Amore Mio Red Vinyl Stand finished in 1-inch tiling, with Technics turnable and small collection of vinyl records.

A more provocatively hued 1-inch tiled Red Vinyl Stand is offered as a bespoke option for anyone already with an existing turntable, delivered sans speakers and record player.

Small black and white checkered turntable stand with player set on top and small collection of records stored vertically beneath.

The smallest option from the Amore Mio collection openly wears its checkered past in black and white tiling as a low turnable stand with a small vinyl storage opening below.

The Amore Mio collection by Willow is additionally complemented by a selection of floor lamps, benches, chairs, and tables if you want to complete the naughty-naugahyde, red sauce on the lapel discotheque atmosphere.

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