Wilsonart Launches Fresh Hard Surface Designs Derived From Nature

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Wilsonart Launches Fresh Hard Surface Designs Derived From Nature

More than beautiful surfaces, the Quartz and Solid Surface markets continue to grow thanks in part to these materials’ abilities to perform in high-traffic interiors. Both surfaces are durable, stain-resistant, non-porous, and food-safe, while also being standouts for their upscale aesthetics. That translates to Wilsonart’s Quartz and Solid Surface being top-notch options for both residential and commercial design projects.

“Our new Quartz and Solid Surface Collections come with Wilsonart’s best-in-class service and delivery,” noted Andrew Korzen, Global Vice President Product Management, Engineered Solid Surfaces for Wilsonart. “Combine that with state-of-the art technology and on-trend design, Wilsonart continues to differentiate our product offering and deliver what the market needs today.”

Beige Travertine

Enchanted Rock and Traceless Laminate in Snow White and Black Velvet

“Our Quartz and Solid Surface designs are inspired by nature, yet go beyond nature, allowing for unique characteristics that give your home that special touch and nod to detail that make interiors feel memorable. Quartz gives a beautiful and solid aesthetic to any kitchen, while Solid Surface offers a unique opportunity for seamlessness across long runs of countertops. Both products make the space feel grounded due to the amazing neutral colors we offer. This gives you the ability to completely personalize your space over and over, year in and year out,” said Natalia Smith, Wilsonart Design Manager.

Enchanted Rock and Traceless Laminate in Black Velvet

First up is The Quartz Collection, which features six new designs whose textures, colors, and patterns have been inspired by ancient mineral compositions found here on Earth. The range of neutrals run the gamut from clean white to inky black, giving you the ability to set any tone in a space. The specifics of the designs are as interesting as their appearance, for example, the white veins in Grayton Beach are reminiscent of the foam found while playing on the seaside. Texas Hill Country is represented in Enchanted Rock, while Upper Wolfjaw shows off the monochromatic look found in stones in the Adirondacks.

Grayton Beach

Enchanted Rock

Upper Wolfjaw

Wellness has proliferated in a number of flexible and multi-functional spaces where we can work, read or relax. Not surprisingly, nature is often the key inspiration of these spaces.

– Natalia Smith

These surfaces are up to 93% natural stone, giving your everyday tasks and routines a bit of the same feeling you might experience when surrounded by nature with the added assurance of long-lasting beauty. With these hard surfaces, you can create a kitchen that seamlessly flows and lowers stress, or a bathroom that beckons you to enjoy a long soak in the tub.

“Whether in the workplace or in the home, increased stressors and overstimulation have led us to seek wellness solutions,” said Smith. “The beauty of the wellness trend is that it transcends all segments. Wellness has proliferated in a number of flexible and multi-functional spaces where we can work, read or relax. Not surprisingly, nature is often the key inspiration of these spaces.”

Winter’s Veil


Quarry Cliff

Golden Sail

Golden Sail

The designs within The Solid Surface Collection were created with a sense of endless depth that asks you to look closer at their subtle textures and tones. The ten neutral designs lend a feeling of calm, peaceful respite from a stressful day wherever applied. By combining cool, soft tones, this collection is able to accommodate a wide range of interior styles.

Five of the Solid Surface Collection’s designs are translucent – Grey Moonstone, Golden Sail, Gulfcoast, Powder White, and Whisper White. Each one has the capability of being backlit for added dramatic effect or soft ambience.


“From serene to statement, Wilsonart’s new Solid Surface Collection gives a sense of the fresh yet familiar,” shared Smith. “The beautiful neutrals offer a calming and soothing effect, while the movement designs draw on the dynamic energy of nature.”

Grey Moonstone

Powder White

Peace Grey


Golden Sail

Classic Travertine

Beige Travertine

Whisper White



If you’re looking for all all-encompassing aesthetic, Wilsonart’s Solid Surface Sinks have been designed to coordinate seamlessly with Solid Surface. Each sink is cast-molded acrylic that provides an integral fit to Solid Surface slabs, making quite the monolithic statement when combined. Pair that with the fact that they’re also resistant to heat, stains, bacteria, scratches, and thermal shock, these are the ideal addition to interiors to create a look that continuously looks fresh. And when it does come time to clean up, Solid Surface Sinks can be maintained without the use of harsh chemical cleaners. Currently there are four new sinks as well as 15 redesigned models, a collection of various shapes, sizes, and designs – from farmhouse to baby bath bowls – so you’re certain to find a match.

Wilsonart’s Quartz Collection and Solid Surface Collection are available from kitchen and bath retailers and distributors nationwide. To learn more, visit

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