Win a $10,000 Dream Workstation: The LG 2016 Dream Canvas Contest

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Win a $10,000 Dream Workstation: The LG 2016 Dream Canvas Contest

If there’s one thing designers can all agree upon it’s that we’ll never have enough screen real estate. Application windows, palettes, menus, and chat windows can quickly claim up every last pixel of screen space during a typical work day, slowing down productivity. Until recently the best solution was to connect a secondary monitor, the equivalent of adding an “L” extension to a desk. But LG offers an even better option for creating the ultimate streamlined workstation: the first 21:9 ratio 38″ monitor.


The display offers a 60 Hz refresh rate with a maximum brightness of 300 cd / m², a contrast ratio of 1,000:1, and gray-to-gray response time of 5 milliseconds. The screen is also height and tilt-angle adjustable for ergonomic purposes.

Announced at IFA 2016 in Berlin, the LG UltraWide 38” IPS USB-C monitor 38UC99 is a game-changer for pixel pushers seeking dependable color accuracy and an immersive workflow. The electronics giant has already been offering a collection of 29″-34″ 21:9 UltraWide Monitors, but this newly unveiled 38″ edition has effectively moved the marker a few magnitudes higher (and wider) with a monitor designed for full immersion, whether it be for work or gaming.

LG-38UC99_2 LG-38UC99_box_1


The back of the LG 38UC99 offers USB Type-C and HDMI inputs.

We’re talking about an enormous 3840 x 1600 IPS UltraWide QHD+ display engineered to cover 99% of the sRGB color gamut for photo, video, and illustration duties, while a pair of integrated 10W Bluetooth-compatible speakers ensures the Spotify productivity playlist can be enjoyed wirelessly from a mobile device sans cable.

A massive screen like this is admittedly overkill for the average user, but for professional graphic designers, illustrators, photo and video editors, or music engineers, a 4K quality screen stretching it’s 38″ arms around the eyes is a most welcome sight to behold.


LG is celebrating the announcement of this behemoth screen by hosting the LG UltraWide Festival 2016 Dream Canvas contest, inviting designers, photographers, artists, and other visual creatives to show what they’d do with 6,144,000 pixels to play around with. The fifteen finalists will win a brand new LG UltraWide 38” IPS USB-C monitor 38UC99. A top prize awards the winner a dream creator workstation worth $10,000 – the components of the prize are left up to the whims and wishes of winner to piece together to their heart’s content.

Submitted works this year will be judged by a trio of creative professionals, including Jon Burgerman, Mike Kus, and Dirk Bakker.


Additionally, the winner’s work will also be on display inside the LG monitor exhibition at CES 2017; the winner will get to see their work in person, with travel expenses to Las Vegas covered for the January show.

Here’s how to enter:
• Download the monitor source image from the contest site.
• Create your own 21:9 wallpaper design for the 38 inch 21:9 UltraWide Monitor (3840X1600 resolution)
• Upload your creation to your social network and include the hashtags #38UC99 #LGUltraWideFestival #DreamCanvas2016
• Submit your work and link at the Dream Canvas website.

The submission period is from September 21, 2016 until October 4, 2016. Visit the contest website for full details.